Build Docker Images. Fast.

Right at the beginning of Continuous Delivery, NimbleCI builds your Docker images automatically.

Become a devops jedi with the ultimate GitHub pull request workflow for your Docker applications

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How does it work?

  1. NimbleCI receives a build request from GitHub for each PR, branch or commit
  2. NimbleCI builds the image and tags it with three tags: latest, the commit hash and the name of the branch
  3. The image is pushed to your Docker registry
  4. When the PR is closed, NimbleCI optionally retags the feature tag as master

Why NimbleCI?


Manually running docker build usually takes between 2 and 15 minutes depending on your application. When you want to build the container for each pull request, building manually quickly becomes unfeasible. Setting up and maintaining a Jenkins server to build containers means an initial investment of a few days, as well as the hassle of maintaining it. We want to give you more time to improve your workflow in other ways. Get set up and running with NimbleCI takes only 5 minutes.


Your team will love the integration with GitHub. NimbleCI updates the GitHub UI for every single build. If you use a PR workflow you will see the build status check for each PR. Your team will be very impressed!


By running the build and the tests for each and every pull request you have the ultimate safety net. Nothing will get into master unless it passes the tests.


NimbleCI is designed to be completely flexible. NimbleCI does one thing only (builds images), but it does that extremely well. After each build you can configure webhooks to give you complete control over the next step in your workflow.

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